The speedy supper goes Italian with a classic Pesto alla Trapanese…

Late last year I was fortunate enough to attend a cooking demonstration by the rather lovely chef & food writer Rachel Roddy at the brilliant Divertimenti Cooking School on Brompton Road in London.

Among several evocative dishes cooked by Rachel, all of which transported me to sunnier Italian climes, one stood out as being an arguably perfect plate of pasta. So delicious was it that it’s been recreated in my own Islington-rather-than-Italy kitchen with great success – I feel it’s ok to modestly give it that label since bowls were left empty at the end of dinner so no further evidence needed, si? Grazi. Read More

Baked, spiced turkey meatballs – the most comforting Sunday night food to sink into…

image12 image14

Tender turkey meatballs packed with cumin, cayenne, paprika & parsley, baked alongside sunset yolked eggs in a sweet, juicy, fat garlic clove studded tomato sauce.

And that my friends, is how you do healthy food in an exciting, delicious, simple, clean & elegant manner.

No fuss. No hunting for obscure ingredients that are hard to find and then once found, hard to imagine using again. No epic list of processes that begin two days before you want to eat the damn dish and most importantly of all, no lack of flavours, textures or colours with which to tempt your palate, your taste-buds and your eyes.

If you’ve been looking for something fresh & comforting that you can make to sustain, feed & maybe even impress the ones you love, this is the recipe for you.


Let’s go… Read More

Getting your freekeh on with this delicious mid-week dinner…

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Is there anything more beautiful than a plate full of glorious colours & textures? A plate that makes you want to throw decorum to the wind and plant your face in it? A plate that you know will make you feel as good eating it as you do simply staring at it?

I don’t think there is. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are sunsets and there are babies and there are miniature pigs in wellies but really, a plate full of gorgeous food still does it for me every-time and in this post, I’m going to teach you how to make such a plate in your own home. I say ‘teach’ loosely because it’s comically simple but it might ask you to step out of your comfort zone hence my hand holding as we get into it.

Nutty, full-of-flavour wholegrains topped with roasted-until-caramelised-and-sticky sweet potato, beetroot, pepper, tomato and red onion and adorned with chunks of creamy avocado and nuggets of tangy goats cheese…in the words of Lurpak whose adverts I could watch on repeat much like a Ryan Gosling film, this is your dinner. Read More