Giving tinned tomatoes the kiss of life with a beautiful butter roasted pasta sauce…

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One of the things I love most about food is its ability to constantly surprise you. Marry together a method you’d never considered with an ingredient that you’d never have thought to pair it with et voila, a whole new world has opened up before your hungry eyes. Such was the case one frosty window-paned winters evening when I came across a recipe on the fabulous for pasta with butter roasted tomato sauce.

Pasta? Yes.

Butter? Hell yes.

Roasted? Absolutely.

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Sausage & beans styled up and made even more comforting than you remember…

Comfort food is blissful. It’s dreamy. It’s big platefuls of loveliness wrapped in a cosy blanket of warming-from-the-inside-out, don’t-wanna-move-from-in-front-of-the-fire deliciousness and on those cold, dark days when it seems the sun has truly abandoned us, it’s all you want to eat. Let’s get real here though and admit that sometimes comfort food comes at a price especially if it’s laden down with cream or butter as things like golden, flaky pastry, pillowy mashed potato or rich, smooth sauces often are. This, my friends, is why the particular dinner we’re making today is a winner in more ways than one.

Adapted from a recipe originally found on the sweetsugarbean blog – – this is everything you could want from a winter warming dish with nothing to feel guilty about so go on, I give you not only my permission but my blessing to pop on your pyjamas, pour a demure, beneficial-for-the-heart glass of red and get ready to make something that requires only a few ingredients but smacks them out of the ballpark with the flavours of ripe tomatoes, juicy sausages and fragrant thyme making it just perfect for mopping up with warm crusty bread.

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