Malteser cake worth making another belt hole for…

Question: What sort of cake do you make a best friend who’s leaving to have a baby and wants something of a chocolate overload?

Answer: Lorraine Pascale’s blushingly good Malteser cake.

Question: Where do you find the recipe?

Answer: Right here…

image (12) image (13)

Question: Is it easy?

Answer: Embarrassingly so. Without besmirching what is a masterpiece of cocoa yumminess, it is, at heart, a chocolate sponge cake sandwiched together with excessive amounts of frosting and covered with whatever you like.

Question: What makes it special?

Answer: The addition of sour cream to the cake batter makes it lighter than you can imagine which is good because something darker, richer and more truffle-like would just be too much when combined with the icing and additional decorations. Plus, who doesn’t love a dessert that never forces you to choose between cake or sweets but rather encourages you to indulge in both?

image (14) image (15)

Question: So how does it taste?

Answer: Like the kind of cake you’d actually consider selling a) your favourite shoes, b) your best friend or c) your own left arm for. I mean it’s a little ridiculous how wonderful it tastes…moist and light and airy sponge with a deep intense cocoa flavour covered with a silky, sweet, thick frosting and, in this case, bubbly Maltesers, crunchy Nestle buttons with white chocolate in a milk chocolate shell and vice versa and tiny white pearls. It might not be the world’s most technically difficult recipe but the beauty lies in a) how user friendly it is and b) how easy it is to tailor it to your audience with any sort of chocolate, sweet or ahem, fruit decoration. Yeah, I know…as if.

image (16) image (17)

Question: Did people like it?

Answer: Err…

image (18)

An Introduction to Baking at Leiths, week 2…

Week 2 of this introduction to baking and I had high hopes that it would be a bit more testing than the first. It brought us a new teacher, a practical demonstration of a lighter-than-air orange and walnut swiss roll and and actual making of passion fruit and lime syrup sponge and scones.

Week 2 was definitely better for a few reasons – the teacher, with us for 1 week only sadly, was jovial and interested in us, asking questions and encouraging the same back. The sponge was not something I had made before and the swiss roll was utterly splendid, soft and crumbly and almost falling apart with the orange scented cream holding it together until it melted on your tongue leaving traces of warm walnuttiness behind… Read More