If Richard Curtis did cupcakes…getting gorgeously & sugary high at the original Primrose Bakery.

Cupcakes are over…

…well, that’s what some people say. I am not friends with those people because frankly I don’t know why anyone would say something so mean and to those folk I ask what did those soft, perfectly-sized-for-little-hands cakes topped with mountains of pillowy-soft, bonbon coloured frosting ever do to you?

Did the Salted Caramel cut you up in traffic?

Did the Red Velvet forget to say thank-you when you held the door open for her?

Did that Malteser topped bad boy push in front of you last week in Wholefoods?

No? Then back off please and with immediate effect. Walnut studded brownies may squeeze into your affections, lighter-than-air whoopie pies may simper through the door and triple layer cakes will always muscle into prime position on a sagging-under-the-weight-of-frosting shelf but cupcakes aren’t going anywhere just yet and celebrating a decade in the business of making us happy with baked goods is the simply gorgeous Primrose Bakery.

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Jumbo pancakes, DIY s’mores & the sweetest upscale ice-cream…this is dessert, LA style.

If you’re going to have breakfast at an LA spot renowned for eye-watering and gut-busting portions, you gotta earn it. That’s what I told myself as I climbed, walked & panted up Runyon Canyon one early Sunday morning.

‘My reward is pancakes…my reward is pancakes…my reward is pancakes.’ This was the mantra I muttered to myself as I clambered over rocks, lunged up steps and tried to avoid any one of a dozen dogs putting me to shame as they bounded gazelle like past me. The only gazelle I resembled at this point was one who could officially be labelled as roadkill. Ironically, if I’d normally put myself through a good, steep hike then all I would want to eat afterwards would be something healthy enough to keep the fitness momentum going, however here, knowing where we headed after, the purpose of this trek, alongside seeing stunning views of the city below, was to burn the calories that would soon be served up to me on a platter dusted with icing sugar…

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Tasting Seattle for the first time…

Hello, good morning, happy Monday and a big old bear hug of a welcome from me to you on the other side of the world! No, you’ve not read that sentence wrong…thanks to the time difference, while the majority of you gorgeous readers are slumbering away over the next 3 weeks, I have taken it upon myself in the selfless sort of manner you’re no doubt used to by now to sample the food, drink, flavours and trends of the West Coast of the United States.

Over the next few weeks, there will be posts about all things edible from the western seaboard of a country well known for its super sizes and super exciting advances in the culinary world. From food trucks to diners to mom-and-pop places to must visit restaurants, I’ll be sharing a little of America’s best known treats and well kept secrets and I hope you’ll let me know what you think and if there’s anything you think I should be looking out for along the way.

Oh and if there are any sceptics out there among you who doubt that the US has much in the way to be proud of when it comes to food, did you know that without the glorious triumvirate of North, Central & South America we wouldn’t have avocados, chilli peppers, chocolate, peanuts, potatoes or vanilla? For that, I think we can forgive them Pop Tarts, spray cheese in a can and a ‘healthy fruit smoothie’ containing more sugar than 8 pints of Ben & Jerry’s…

First stop on this whirlwind of all things delicious? Seattle. So what springs to mind when you think of the Emerald City?




Let me assure you, there’s a whole lot more to it than these three wired, soggy and emotive things and one of them is Pike Place Market. Open since 1907 and welcoming in excess of 10m visitors per year, this market houses more than 500 residents in 8 different buildings and has a huge variety of fresh produce, baked goods, seasonal flowers, singing vendors and enough things to see and taste to keep the fussiest of tourists happy.

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