Local cider, killer food, waterfront charm; a must-eat piece of Portland…


Portland proved to be the perfect city to explore for this brief visit and lived up to its unknown hype of being one of the places I was most looking forward to visiting on this roadtrip. Its gentle, ‘out-there’ vibe allows the locals freedom to do and be what they want and the tourists a chance to experience one of America’s freshest and hippest places without fear or confusion. Everywhere we roamed gave us the opportunity to see a neighbourhood that was different from the one before and each made us feel as welcome as if we’d been there every day of our lives.

By the end of our time here, our hot little feet were in need of a rest and our parched little throats were in need, quite frankly, of a good alcoholic beverage. Something cold, crisp and with fizz. Wandering along the beautiful waterfront and through the Tom McCall park, named after the Oregon governor who supported the revitalisation of the area, we came across a string of restaurants all looking out along the Willamette River as joggers, cyclists and dog walkers took full advantage of the setting sun, the warm evening air and err, the sounds of a bagpiper sharing his music lustily with the world.

Odd? Yes. Unexpected? Maybe. Portland? Absolutely.

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Down & dirty & utterly delicious donuts for grown-ups…

Well hello lovely blog browsers! The warmest of welcomes back to Portland where I’m afraid we need to get right down to business and that business is donuts. Donuts that, frankly, are not for kids.


See? Told you.

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Fast but fabulous food at Vapiano, Oxford Circus…

Vapiano 2

Let’s face it, fast food has something of a bad rap. It’s reputation precedes it and generally, like an East 17 reunion, cold callers and Virgin Media, it’s not a good one.

Now I’m not going to say I’ve never had a brown paper bag from either a certain set of golden arches or the home of the ultimate cardboard kids party crown but generally speaking, I’ve either been in my early and impressionable teens or at least one bottle of rose down and desperate for something to soak it up at the point of consumption…

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