Burgers to sell your left arm for at the Alice House, Queen’s Park…

The Alice House is tiny chain of 2 bar/restaurants in North West London; one, smack bang in the middle of West Hampstead, which can lay claim to very good tapas and a nice choice of wines which may explain why it is always rammed full of young trendies; the other, smack bang in the middle of Queen’s Park, can lay claim to one of the best burgers I’ve had, a not-at-all-bad brunch and a nice, laid back atmosphere.

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Spitjacks delivers chorizo to go loco over…

You wake up. You’re hungry. You want all the delicious, rich, smoky, chorizo-y, bean-y, tomato-y flavours that come from really good tapas. But you want a plateful. Not teeny tiny little plates for sharing with your nearest and dearest.






Go on then, off you trot to Spitjacks in Victoria Park Village.

About as low key and un-pretentious as you could wish for when it’s the weekend and you’ve barely crawled out from under the duvet, Spitjacks delivered to us on this particular occasion 2 platefuls of Huevos Rancheros. Exceedingly good Huevos Rancheros at that too.

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