The dawn of a home-made Pad Thai addiction…

pad thai

Before last year, I’d never had Thai food. It’s not the most common food type where I used to live and I guess I’d always (mistakenly) thought that it was enough like Chinese that if I’d had one, I’d pretty much had the other.

I hang my head now and realise I have thirty something years to make up for because I like it. I like it oh so very much. There is an awesome little takeaway in Willesden Green called Pomegranate and my housemates and I may have frequented it on the odd (regular) occasion during our time there together. Seriously, what’s classier than a takeaway Pad Thai, a bottle of Tattinger and a ladies only screening of ‘Pitch Perfect’? Nothing, that’s what.

Anyway, now that I’ve disappeared halfway across London and am sadly too far from Pomegranate to delight myself with it, I’ve found a more than acceptable alternative – home-made Pad Thai using ridiculously simply ingredients from ‘not just any store’… Read More