A Parmesan-mustard crowned king among steak sandwiches…

Howdy folks and welcome to this absolute & undeniable love in to the humble steak sandwich. This is one those recipes that I didn’t even know I was missing until I found it, made it, loved it and now am planning all the future occasions for which it would be suitable – family birthdays, summer BBQ’s, Tuesday afternoons…know what I’m saying?

There was I, innocently flipping through the latest edition of Bon Appetit Magazine, turning over so many corners of so many pages I might as well have just folded down the entire damn issue, when the words ‘steak’, ‘sandwich’, ‘Parmesan’ and ‘mustard’ threw themselves off the page and into my eye-line and an instant obsession at the thought of making this for dinner was born. J & I do a lot of the cooking together which I love but this was something I fancied making for him; the thought of presenting him with something homemade, unexpected and delicious was all the incentive I needed to get acquainted with this dish.

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Pinterest; good for more than just dream homes, pugs in pumps and hair you can never recreate…

Pinterest. You either love it or hate it. There’s no in between here because like Adam Sandler movies, cake for breakfast or Crocs, you’re either a fan or you’re not. If you are a lover of the aspirational lifestyles that drift across thousands of boards, you’ll know that you can find anything on there and if you’re not, well apart from seriously missing out, you’d be surprised at how much you can find on there.

One of the biggest topics for pinning is undoubtedly food and take it from one who knows, if you don’t learn when to put the phone down and join the three dimensional people outside, it can overwhelm you. You want sweet treats? Ok how about cookies. Yeah, we like cookies. Oh cool, there are, like,¬†10’000 types of cookie. So pretty. Oh wow, each type has 15’000 recipes for it. Oh…my…each recipe links back to 20’000 different boards…can’t…stop…

…and before you know it? Your hand looks like Chandler’s claw, you have a migraine from all the pictures flashing in front of your eyes and your boyfriend is suggesting that maybe it’s time to stop. Note to self: at that point, it really is time to admit that you’ll never reach the end of that board and a little fresh air might be good.

Anyhow, that entirely fictitious scenario aside, Pinterest was the source for today’s dinner, a mash up of what was on the recipe and what was in my fridge. On the lovely website http://www.mydailymorsel.com you can find a cracking recipe for salmon with white beans and kale. I was on a bit of a kale kick recently searching for a¬†million and one ways to incorporate it into our food and wouldn’t you know it, Pinterest gave me dozens of kale related categories – I stopped counting at 35 – and approximately 93’712 ways in which I could jump on board the kale train and check into first class and with this dinner, that’s exactly what we did because it was fabulous.

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