Regressing to a big, sugary, pink childhood…


This post is as short and sweet as the food stuff it references with the main focus on you dear reader with this simple question…what do you class as the food of your childhood?

What takes you back to the days when you maybe had fewer cares? Less stress? More hair?

Strawberry Nesquik is the winner for me – delightfully, childishly sugary sweet with a colour not quite born from nature and a flavour that never met an actual strawberry in its life, it’s the perfect childhood treat. Having it again recently only pointed out how perfect a reminder it is of the days before calorie counting and the maple syrup diet and good old Dr. Atkins became part of everyday vocabulary. Plus, it’s advocated by a big toothed, big cheeked, big eared bunny and if he doesn’t scream ‘nutritional expert’ to you, frankly, I don’t know how much more you’re expecting.

So share something edible and delicious from your childhood with us here…remind yourself how much you loved it…and then go indulge in it. Be the grown up having smiley faces and Findus Crispy Pancakes for lunch, spaghetti hoops piled on top of Birds Eye Waffles for dinner or Angel Delight topped with Love Hearts as a late night snack – you’ll be so glad you are.

Spicy Korean BBQ burritos and desperately sourced glasses of milk at the Real Food Lovers Market…

real food market 3

I’ve had a lot of Chinese food in my life. Since moving to London this time, a fair amount of Thai has passed my lips too. Indian? Of course. Mexican? Possibly my all time favourite. But I’m ashamed to say I’ve not had the pleasure of Korean until today and wow, this might not be stereotypical Korean food, but as far as it goes in selling it to me and encouraging me to try it again? Job done.

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A chic dining experience to start the day off right at the Riding House Cafe…

Riding House Cafe b

So sometimes you wanna go fill your face somewhere low key. And sometimes you wanna dress up and make it special. And sometimes you head out, not knowing which one of these you’ll end up and that’s kind of exciting too.

J is a walking encyclopaedia of London. It’s not a lie to say I’m half thankful and half jealous of the fact that he always knows somewhere good to go for food and drink and the Riding House Café is where we ended up when I said I was craving really good scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast. Don’t get me wrong – the poached egg is close to sheer perfection in terms of look, taste and texture but every now and again, you want the humble egg scrambled. Scrambled well. Not shrivelled and brown and beaten into submission by a spatula with PMT.

You want fluffy, velvety yellow, creamily, buttery delicious scrambled eggs. And you want them laid alongside delicately silky pink pieces of fresh salmon. And you want both of these on top of bread. Good thick cut sourdough bread. Well toasted. The kind that doesn’t allow itself to be flattened into submission by its topping but rather sits proudly on the plate and says ‘come, sit on me, I can take it and then some’.

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