Falling head-over-stomach in love with the Wildflower Cafe…

There are so many places to eat in London that if you’ve spent any time visiting or living here, you’ll know that there are times you find yourself in one of two predicaments; a) you end up going back to the same places you’ve been to before because you know you’ll get something you enjoy there (I’m talking to you Salvation Jane, you delicious little minx) or b) you end up staying in and eating cereal out of the box because the choice is just too overwhelming and if you go here it might be good but what if over there is better and you’ve missed out or what if neither are any good and you’ve wasted time and money in arguably the world’s busiest city and aaaaaagggghhhhhhh, it’s all just too much so pass me the Crunchy Nut and let’s forget the whole thing!

Either of these scenarios sound familiar? Ever experienced one or the other?

Yeah, I see ya. I hear ya. Sometimes, too much choice makes us wish we had less to begin with. It’s a first world problem but I’m here to give you one solution – the Wildflower Cafe in Notting Hill. Beyond charming with service as genuine & welcoming as if you were their best friend and not a hungry stranger, the only thing lovelier than the ambience is the food which is, frankly, a sincere & utter pleasure to eat.

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Losing friends of the feathered and fishy kind at a Poultry and Fish Knife Skills Class…

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Knife Skills class #2 rolls around and off I trot, all fingers present and correct, to learn how to debone a chicken and fillet flat and round fish. Not gonna lie when I say I was a tad more nervous about this class compared to the last, not because I was worried about losing a digit but rather because there’s a lot more skill required in taking apart an actual animal as opposed to a vegetable. You don’t tend to get much resistance from carrots… Read More

10 fingers going in…10 fingers coming out! The only real result you want from a knife skills course…


Today was a good day. I am officially no longer the slowest chopper in the west. I’m clearly nowhere near being the fastest but it will no longer be the case going forward that grand, lofty, 50 feet oak trees will grow in the time it takes me to slice and dice a salad bowl.

God bless Leiths and the blade happy chefs who work there.

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