Falling hard for the flavour of brave, beautiful, Korean dining…

Jin Juu may translate to ‘pearl’ but make no mistake – this place is an absolute diamond of a restaurant and the fact that I keep thinking about it and having stomach-growlingly real flashbacks days after my visit shows what a memorable eating experience you’ll have there.

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Barely a week into 2015, The Londonist published an article entitled ‘8 Restaurants That Will Be A Big Deal in 2015’ and top of that list was Jin Juu, stirring¬†immediate excitement in my brain, heart & stomach for a few reasons; firstly, my infamous love of all things edible means that I’m instantly curious about anywhere that’s promoted as note-worthy; secondly, when I fell deliciously face first into a Korean BBQ burrito last year, it triggered the start of a mild-verging-on-obsessive quest for good Korean food in London; and thirdly, it looked like it might just achieve that culinary holy grail of being exciting, delicious and affordable.

The last point is important to me because much to my regret, I don’t have a bottomless fund with which to bankroll my food obsession and there are so many places in London that look wonderful but are simply priced out of the majority of people’s pockets.

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Make no mistake, Jin Juu is stylish – from the Korean & British graffiti dragons adorning the walls to the frosted bottles lined up behind the bar like happy little soldiers ready to soothe away the day to the Steve Jobs quote hanging in the busy but ordered open plan kitchen, the vibe brought back so many memories from stateside travels…part NYC hip touched with just a hint of elite Seattle and finished with a nod to its too-cool-to-care London locale, it wasn’t weird enough to be found in Portland & not pretentious enough to sit downtown in my beloved LA. It was just very very cool in style but very very warm in its service. Read More

Spicy Korean BBQ burritos and desperately sourced glasses of milk at the Real Food Lovers Market…

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I’ve had a lot of Chinese food in my life. Since moving to London this time, a fair amount of Thai has passed my lips too. Indian? Of course. Mexican? Possibly my all time favourite. But I’m ashamed to say I’ve not had the pleasure of Korean until today and wow, this might not be stereotypical Korean food, but as far as it goes in selling it to me and encouraging me to try it again? Job done.

Job. Well. Done. Read More