Week 2 of an Introduction to Pastry at Leiths…

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Week 2 and it’s made clear at the start of the first night that this is going to be an evening to work out the arms with the puff pastry and the concentration with the pate sucree. Made one once to prove that I could. Made the other, err, never. Never actually even heard of it so really excited to see what it is, how it’s made and most importantly of all, what it tastes like. Read More

Week 1 of an Introduction to Pastry at Leiths…

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Pastry is a tricky skill to master. Unlike baking which is arguably simpler – and always rectifiable with extra frosting – pastry requires patience and precision but it’s worth having a go. Sure, you might not always thereafter want to spend hours – yes literally hours – folding and refolding puff pastry but to know you could if you wanted to? That’s a great accomplishment to have.

This was a class I was really looking forward to. I’ve made pastry before but it’s never been something I can whip up easily or without many, many, many references to the cookbook in front of me so I was excited to hopefully find more confidence in myself in mastering these techniques. Well, a basic understanding would also be good… Read More

An Introduction to Baking at Leiths, week 4…

The last week has rolled around and whereas with the four week class at LCB, I was sad to finish, here I’m actually sad that I don’t feel sadder. I’m a baker at heart and I was hoping I’d have got more out of this class than I actually did.

We were finishing with red onion focaccia and fruited soda bread plus a practical demonstration of spicy corn muffins…again, if I’d not long completed a one day workshop in artisan bread-making at LCB, I would have more than likely loved this class because I do have something of an addiction to bread. Unfortunately the variety and volume of products from that workshop meant that the focaccia and soda bread created here, although undeniably tasty (especially warm with Famous Five style lashings of butter) didn’t quite reach the same heights. Read More