Steak, curry sauced chips & prawn toast. Japanese food with a twist at the deliciously unpronounceable Shackfuyu…

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Pop-ups. Over recent years they’ve been appearing on the pavements of London as if conjured up by some apron-wearing, whisk-bearing Dumbledore; sprouting on side streets, car parks & market cobblestones, they shower those nearby with all manner of things eye-widening & buzz-generatingly delicious.

One of the more recent ones to emerge, not blinking & sleepy but flinging open its arms & singing a breezy greeting to the bright spring sunlight of Soho, is Shackfuyu. Descendant of the Bone Daddies family (whose soft, cloud like, sticky duck filled buns I’m already well acquainted with), this is a pop-up that, in their words, offers Japanese flavours, global culinary styles, cold beer, strong cocktails & rock’n’roll.

In love yet?

I was, the minute I started hearing about some of the dishes on the small but flawless menu that were inducing gentle hysteria across the napkins, forks & mouths of London’s food obsessed. This absolute need to try a new take on the food of Japan sent J and I down to Old Compton Street one pretty Saturday lunchtime in search of steak, prawns & a green tea dessert whose description alone had me dangerously close to popping with anticipation.

I thank the heavens for J every given day but especially those on which we go out to eat. I casually ask what he thinks looks good on the menu, all the time understanding – as I’m pretty sure he does too – that I know exactly what I want us to try. It’s not that he doesn’t get a say – far from it because I love knowing what sort of food gets other people excited – it’s more that whatever he’d like to try is probably going to end up on top of what I’d like to try. Our tables get crowded, our tummies get full, I can’t deny that I love it and hey, isn’t that what afternoon naps were made for…? Read More

Love Japan? Try a clean, sweet taste of the far east in the busiest part of London town…

Japan is a country well known for its tranquility and serenity. Perhaps not the whole land and maybe not for the entirely of its history but there are areas of its culture and society that are beyond reverent in stillness and quiet tradition.

Piccadilly Circus is an area of London well known for its buzz and excitement. Perhaps not every single street and maybe not for all the years it’s been there but there are areas that boast more exciting restaurants & world-class theatres than anywhere else on the globe.

Would you put these two together? Probably not and if you’re wondering what they have in common, I’ll let you in on a little secret – on the edge of Shaftesbury Avenue lies the Japan Centre. It’s not quite the placid and hushed corner of Japan that a voyage into the Land of the Rising Sun might actually afford but it is an excellent spot in which to pick up some beautiful Japanese pastries.

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