Salted beef and chorizo worth freezing your behind off for at Partridges Fine Food Market…

Partridges 2

Partridges Fine Food Market runs every Saturday between the hours of 10am-4pm. So on at least one of your upcoming Saturdays between the hours of 10am-4pm, please, please, please do yourself a favour, scamper on up to Sloane Square and enjoy 50+ stalls of food that is individual, artisan and represents all the best fresh food of this and other countries.

J and I first explored this market a while ago and there are two awesome reasons to go there. Well to be fair, there are some 50+ awesome reasons to go there but the two that catch our eyes, wallets and stomachs are the salt beef bagels and the chorizo rolls.

The salt beef bagels are phenomenal. Two halves of a perfectly shiny bagel with just the right amount of chew to the dough are forced apart by a good few inches of pink, tender salt beef, draped with tangy pickles and a smearing of mustard that pulls the whole thing together one delicious mouthful at a time.

The chorizo rolls are arguably the best I have ever had. Fat little smoky Iberican Pork sausages nestled in toasted ciabatta, snug under a blanket of melted cheese and sweet roasted peppers really do make a sandwich worthy of proud dripping down your chin.

Lively, cheerful staff on all the stalls will give you a smile whatever the weather and if you find a little place nearby┬áto perch your backside upon – stone benches outside the Saatchi Gallery are usually a safe bet – you can rest assured that you will have a superb al fresco lunch thanks to a little Chelsea foodie dream that is cornering the market in wonderful food.

Once your belly is full and the need to waddle is upon you, do yourself another favour and have a look around the Partridges shop itself because, for a food junkie, it’s an absolute paradise of exclusive cheeses,chocolates and deli goods alongside shelves of blissfully trashy American foods…pop tarts, miracle whip or Betty Crocker potatoes in a box anyone? Thankfully you’ll be too full to indulge in this calorific euphoria but it’s always fun to window shop.

Post Trekkie dining at Union Jacks, Covent Garden…

I think Jamie Oliver is awesome. I do. I admire how he wants to make good food better and more accessible for everyone. I love his energy and his passion and his enthusiasm. It’s just a shame it didn’t quite translate for me into Union Jacks.

Billed as the place where ‘wood-fired flatbread pizzas meet great British flavours’, I really wanted to like it. I really wanted to love the food and rave about it because generally, that’s what my hope is for every place I eat at and every thing I consume but apologies to you Jamie, it just didn’t do it for me here.

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