Le Cordon Bleu, Essential Cuisine Skills week 3…

Week 3 is upon us…it’s scary how quickly these classes are passing by!

This week brought a couple of challenges and they’re both related to the main ingredient tonight which was veal. Firstly, how do you cook it? Secondly, do I want to eat it? I must admit that my knowledge of veal and how it’s produced is sadly limited and by my own admission, I’ve never tried it before mainly because of the barbarous ways in which it can sometimes be raised. Although I know there are farmers out there who will produce veal in a standard of extremely high welfare, it seems that it’s always the bad versions of it that get all the press, and for good reason to a certain point – you want to flag up and draw attention to any animal that is made to suffer for its end product but at the same time, the farms who care should also receive attention for their good work.

Anyway, this isn’t the forum for my political stance on veal; an ethically sourced piece was the main ingredient of tonight and it was going to be presented as Osso Bucco with Pea and Saffron Risotto. Read More

Le Cordon Bleu, Essential Cuisine Skills week 1…

cordon bleu 3 image (23)

‘Chef, I can’t get my legs off!’

Hardly the most auspicious of starts so of course it was me whose chicken legs were defiantly clinging on to the rest of the bird and refusing to come off in my first class…thankfully, it all went up from there. Read More