If Richard Curtis did cupcakes…getting gorgeously & sugary high at the original Primrose Bakery.

Cupcakes are over…

…well, that’s what some people say. I am not friends with those people because frankly I don’t know why anyone would say something so mean and to those folk I ask what did those soft, perfectly-sized-for-little-hands cakes topped with mountains of pillowy-soft, bonbon coloured frosting ever do to you?

Did the Salted Caramel cut you up in traffic?

Did the Red Velvet forget to say thank-you when you held the door open for her?

Did that Malteser topped bad boy push in front of you last week in Wholefoods?

No? Then back off please and with immediate effect. Walnut studded brownies may squeeze into your affections, lighter-than-air whoopie pies may simper through the door and triple layer cakes will always muscle into prime position on a sagging-under-the-weight-of-frosting shelf but cupcakes aren’t going anywhere just yet and celebrating a decade in the business of making us happy with baked goods is the simply gorgeous Primrose Bakery.

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