Entering a breadmakers paradise at the e5 Bakehouse…

On what may well have been the hottest day of the year so far, what better way to spend 6 hours can there possibly be than baking bread in a working bakehouse where the ovens are huge, the customers hungry and the pace fast?

None obviously, so off I trotted to undertake one of J’s Christmas gifts to me (and by proxy I think, himself!) of a sourdough breadmaking class at the gorgeous e5 Bakehouse set in the arches of Hackney.

image (12) image (29) Read More

Losing friends of the feathered and fishy kind at a Poultry and Fish Knife Skills Class…

image (1)

Knife Skills class #2 rolls around and off I trot, all fingers present and correct, to learn how to debone a chicken and fillet flat and round fish. Not gonna lie when I say I was a tad more nervous about this class compared to the last, not because I was worried about losing a digit but rather because there’s a lot more skill required in taking apart an actual animal as opposed to a vegetable. You don’t tend to get much resistance from carrots… Read More

Mastering the ocean…at a sushi masterclass…

sushi sushi 2 

Looking for a cute date for J and I, I came across an awesome offer for a make your own sushi masterclass.

Delicious food in a fun environment? Sign me up. In fact, sign us both up… Read More