Indulging in a swoonsome slice of London’s finest birthday afternoon tea…

Afternoon tea. Tricky thing isn’t it? Not so much the actual consumption because that, after years of full on, fine china training, I’m quite au fait with. Tiny sandwiches, petite cakes, warm scones and teacups pillaged from Downton? Yep. Totally on board with all of that.

No, the tricky thing is finding good afternoon tea, something that’s worthy of your hard earned pennies & treasured free time. A brisk Googling of ‘afternoon tea in London’ will see nearly 25 million hits pop up faster than you can ask ‘one lump or two?’ so when my gorgeous sister V and I were looking for somewhere suitably fabulous but not completely wallet draining to celebrate my birthday, the choice was vast and the word ‘overwhelming’ used on more than one occasion.

Luckily, I can report back that there is indeed a place out there that will treat you like a queen and cater to every one of your champagne tastes but on your lemonade budget…the Soho Hotel. Centrally located off Dean Street, this hotel is one of eight in the Firmdale’s London family and while it’s a mere tiptoe away from the relentless Soho hustle, stepping inside feels like entering the sanctuary you didn’t know you needed until that very minute.

If your idea of heaven is patisserie on a plate, get ready to enter the promised land…

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Gatsby and Gail’s…

So a girls date night had arrived…woo hoo!

‘The Great Gatsby’ at the Electric Cinema followed by Lebanese food with the utterly gorgeous KTT.


However arriving half an hour early with a fellow food obsessive and the (not unpleasant but long) thought of nearly 3 hours of Leonardo before dinner, we knew we’d need something to tide us over. Piles of bread and cake in any window are guaranteed to draw me like the proverbial moth to the baked goods flame and Gail’s Bakery was no different.

Gail’s has 15 artisan bakery locations across London and although I’d often seen that cheery red awning and inhaled the inviting smell of baking, I’d never been in so now was as good a time as any to try it.

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