The speedy supper goes Italian with a classic Pesto alla Trapanese…

Late last year I was fortunate enough to attend a cooking demonstration by the rather lovely chef & food writer Rachel Roddy at the brilliant Divertimenti Cooking School on Brompton Road in London.

Among several evocative dishes cooked by Rachel, all of which transported me to sunnier Italian climes, one stood out as being an arguably perfect plate of pasta. So delicious was it that it’s been recreated in my own Islington-rather-than-Italy kitchen with great success – I feel it’s ok to modestly give it that label since bowls were left empty at the end of dinner so no further evidence needed, si? Grazi. Read More

A bowlful of spring in the form of delicate homemade pasta with chicken, lemon, pine nuts, basil & Parmesan…

Ah, sunshine. Blue skies. Warm breezes. Finally, it feels as though spring may be peeking its head around the corner like the ugly-duckling-but-obviously-about-to-be-turned-into-a-gorgeous swan heroine of every John Hughes movie and doesn’t it feel utterly fabulous?

This Easter weekend brought among other things a bright & crisp ramble around Hampstead Heath, frozen yoghurt in the sunshine of our local green and of course, the chance to indulge in some of the most delicious & traditional Easter foods like hot cross buns toasted ’til golden then lavished with softened butter or candy coloured speckled eggs that force themselves into my unsuspecting mouth whenever I walk past them.

This time of year also lends itself to the classic roast dinner in the form of tender, softly pink lamb; delicious and seasonal, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate and enjoy some of the finest produce out there…however that’s not what happened in this kitchen over this Easter weekend.

Nope. And despite loving lamb as I do, I’m not a bit sorry because what happened instead?

This did.

Making pasta with Alex

Yes. This.

Making pasta with Alex

Fresh, delicate & dreamily elegant, this homemade angel hair pasta was brought to life by our own flour dusted fingers and then partnered with a zesty Parmesan & lemon sauce, warmly pine nuts, shredded chicken and torn basil leaves.



The creamy coloured strands were lighter than silk and pairing them with those toasty nuts and satiny emerald leaves was a combination sent straight from heaven and a welcome alternative to a roast dinner that would have been undoubtedly moreish but left us fit only for a nap post-dining.

So let’s take a step back and see how this perfect plate of spring fare came into being…

Making pasta with Alex

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Down & dirty & utterly delicious donuts for grown-ups…

Well hello lovely blog browsers! The warmest of welcomes back to Portland where I’m afraid we need to get right down to business and that business is donuts. Donuts that, frankly, are not for kids.


See? Told you.

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