An addictive new mapley-mustardy way to feast on sweet potato & kale fried wild rice…

Ok kids, hold onto your tummies and get ready for something exciting to hit your plate in great, greedy, overflowing spoonfuls because I’m gonna level with you here – this is one of the most delicious dishes I have ever made. I could literally eat it every day and not get sick of it and I’m so excited to share it with you because holy sauteed kale Batman, you are going to love it every bit as much as I do and you may even find yourself saying a little prayer of thanks that you took five minutes to read this post and expand your dinner repertoire.

The flavours are delicious – a completely addictive combination of sweet and savoury with balsamic tang nestling side by side with mustard heat and a gorgeous partnership of soft, sticky, caramelised sweet potato with earthy kale and nutty wild rice.

It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s flavourful and although you could easily serve it as a side to a beautiful piece of plump salmon or a protein packed grilled chicken breast, J and I have unashamedly taken the obsession to the level of eating whole platefuls of it as dinner…even as I write this, he’s sat beside me making yummy noises that are both endearing & understandable…

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Today’s creation is sponsored by the letters ‘B’ and ‘T’; all hail the beetroot and blue cheese tomato tarte tatin…

Let’s take a minute and have a spot of learning shall we?

A quick search on the internet reveals multiple definitions of a ‘tarte tatin’; an upside down tart and a classic French pastry dish are just two but I think the Guardian got it pretty spot on in their 2011 article about how to make the perfect version of it when they simply said it was a ‘glorious, sticky treat’. Ahhhh, those words alone make me want to stop typing, head to the kitchen and start banging about with pastry and tins while some jazzyily-Parisian dinner party music accompanies me.

Traditionally sweet, this is one of those dishes that also suits a savoury filling just as well. I consider it something of a cheat dish and by that I mean it’s looks are slightly out of sync with it’s difficulty rating. Of course if you make your pastry from scratch, that rating shoots up from a PG to an 18 but if, like myself and many, many, MANY chefs out there, you are using shop bought, that’s absolutely fine.

Just to compensate for how simple it actually is, I will of course have to post something next about a croquembouche or a consommé or a towering soufflé which will make both you and I dear reader, weep at the level of skill required…but later. Let’s not weep now unless it’s at the sheer and unmitigated deliciousness of this tart. Read More