Detox yourself in the most delicious way with simple, beautiful beetroot & cashew falafels…

I love cake. Like seriously love it. I love soft, squidgy, fudgy, damp crumb on my plate and inch-thick, sweet, buttery frosting on my fork.

I also love ice-cream. I love melty spoonfuls of creaminess with fat chunks of brownie, chocolate, nuts, cookie…well, you get the dangerously-close-t0-diabetes-if-I-don’t-exercise-a-little-self-control picture.

Then there’s cheese. Bread. And let’s not even go down the slippery wine lined slope, you know, the one with the chocolate pit stop on the way…?

Anyone else out there feel like a split personality when it comes to food? Because as well as all of those things, I also really love avocado and spinach and chickpeas and kale and bulgar and salmon and goji berries and almonds (yes, even the non-chocolate covered kind) and all the things that we’re told day after day are good for us. So what’s a girl to do?

Everything in moderation people, everything in moderation which is why, if you’re anything like me and aim high for goodness while sometimes low and falling hard and fast into a plate of pumpkin doughnuts or the latest Honest Burgers incantation, this recipe for beetroot falafels from the Detox Kitchen is exactly what you need.

Plus, on a day like today when there’s nothing but an ocean of grey outside as far as the eye can see, these vibrant, Middle Eastern sunset hued balls of sesame seed studded goodness from the Detox Kitchen Bible are just the thing to bring a little sunshine to your plate…

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Baked, spiced turkey meatballs – the most comforting Sunday night food to sink into…

image12 image14

Tender turkey meatballs packed with cumin, cayenne, paprika & parsley, baked alongside sunset yolked eggs in a sweet, juicy, fat garlic clove studded tomato sauce.

And that my friends, is how you do healthy food in an exciting, delicious, simple, clean & elegant manner.

No fuss. No hunting for obscure ingredients that are hard to find and then once found, hard to imagine using again. No epic list of processes that begin two days before you want to eat the damn dish and most importantly of all, no lack of flavours, textures or colours with which to tempt your palate, your taste-buds and your eyes.

If you’ve been looking for something fresh & comforting that you can make to sustain, feed & maybe even impress the ones you love, this is the recipe for you.


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