An afternoon spent with Jon Favreau and soft, sweet, delicious buns…

Dear Hollywood,

Please feel free to take the remainder of 2014 off because in ‘Chef’, you have delivered the movie of the year. Funny, sweet, touching, charming, inspiring and totally feel good with a brilliant script, awesome acting, a soundtrack to shake your Cubano-loving ass to and flawless food shots that made me want to run up to the 25ft screen at the front of the cinema and lick the glass – FAO all the doubters out there, wait till you see the grilled cheese and then tell me I’m wrong.

Thanks for such a great film and enjoy your extended vacation,
Love Edible Angel. xox

Ok kids, we’ve had a fantastic afternoon. We? That’d be me, the food junkie who dwells within and the every-bit-as-gorgeous-and-lovely-as-the-film J. A quiet lunchtime screening of ‘Chef’ followed by a late lunch/early dinner at ‘Flesh and Buns’ in Earlham Street.

A film labelled as ‘ultimate food porn’ followed by sampling one of the fastest growing trends in London right now? Oh hi perfect lazy Saturday afternoon, love your work.

I’ve been looking forward to ‘Chef’ since the first hunger-provoking trailer hit cinemas earlier this year. This is a simple story of a chef looking for a new direction in life, a way to re-connect with those closest to him and a reminder of why he fell in love with food in the first place. With a fantastic turn from director Jon Favreau as Carl, the chef driven to throwing handfuls of lava cake at a disagreeable Oliver Platt, the supporting cast delivers excellence across the board, the soundtrack blends Miami and LA together in an intoxicating medley that makes you want to channel your inner salsa queen and the food?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…from that afore-mentioned grilled cheese to a butter-slicked-and-toasted-till-golden Cubano sandwich to BBQ that comes out of its charcoal pit looking so good you can practically feel your nose twitching and your saliva glands go into overdrive, this is a film for those who like to a) eat food, b) cook food, c) look at food, d) talk about food, e) dream about food or f) enjoy a brief on-the-verge-of creepy-crazy Robert Downey Jr cameo. In short, it’s as close to a perfect little film as it’s possible to get and beautifully demonstrates why a good story told with heart & intelligence will always have a place in cinema and deservedly so.

Right, now that I’ve spent so much time lavishing praise onto this film that you might be wondering if Jon slipped me a tenner ahead of time, let me get o the actual food part of the afternoon. Flesh and Buns. Not ‘Fleshing Buns’ as a colleague somewhat bemusedly asked me on Friday afternoon. Flesh i.e. the meat and buns i.e. the gorgeous little hirata buns to fill with said meat.

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Getting my oink on with absurdly perfect pastry and meat at the Ginger Pig…

The Ginger Pig has been around for some 20+ years now and it’s been on my must-visit list for the last 2. Synonymous with a superb quality of meat and an excellent choice of produce, it’s one of those places that you half wish you lived near and are half thankful that you don’t because you could spend a serious amount of money cultivating and tending to an addiction to this place…

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Getting my sauce on…


I think I would quite like to move into and live a happy life at Le Cordon Bleu. Honestly, I love it. Everyone is so friendly, the chefs are so welcoming and generous with their knowledge, the classes push you without scaring you away, the food you take home is unfailingly gorgeous and you leave feeling like you have the beginnings of a real skill for life. So it was with a little bit of sadness that I attended my last class today. Well, last for now because I have no doubt that I will be back. Yep, just call me the Culinary Terminator.

So Modern and Classic Sauces. A class I booked because my own sauce making skill-set consists of cheese sauce and gravy. And not even ‘proper’ gravy. Gravy made with granules. I know, I know. This seemed liked the perfect way to learn things that really would be brand new to me so I was already excited for it but then to walk in and see it was Chef Anthony from my 4 week Tuesday night class who was running it? Even better! My last class with the chef from my first class. ‘Twas like my own little circle of life…

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