Pasta & Prosecco at Padella makes a perfect date night in London…

A recent article comparing life in London to that elsewhere in the country made a point of marvelling at the seeming willingness of its inhabitants to queue like a conga line of hungry lemmings at new restaurants and I was reminded of this as I stood, lemming-ing it up with the best of them, outside Padella last night.

Getting there at 6.15pm on a Thursday night when the air was flush with the warmth of spring and the mood of fellow work escapees was high meant there was a good chance the queue would be long and the wait snoozy; fifteen minutes later however and we were in, welcomed by friendly staff who appear to have been plucked straight from the known-only-to-locals, backstreet-cobbled-alleyway, restaurant gems of Milan and deposited in the balmy shadow of Southwark cathedral.

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Billed as the result of a decade long love affair with Italy’s most recognised & adored dish, Padella is descended from the glorious lineage of Trullo, an Italian institution in Highbury where it’s totally reasonable to envy the people lucky enough to call it their local. Whereas Trullo offers dishes from the oven & the charcoal blistered grill alongside other plates however, Padella is about one thing – soft, silky, slippery, saucey pasta. Read More

Cast your net wide with superb south of the river sushi…

When I was in university, I once took my dad to an all-you-can-eat-Chinese-buffet for dinner.

Alright, in my defence I was a) a student and b) had been before and survived. Surely those two facts will negate the fact that I paid the princely sum of £4.99 for my dad’s dinner? My beloved dad, the man who put up my shelves and sanded my floorboards, who got rid of spiders while I danced on the bed shrieking that it was ‘there, no there, no there!’, who moved me in and out and in and out of the family home and who shared a love for early X Files in regular weekly Mulder-and-Scully watching sessions?


In that case, sorry dad. I made a promise to you then that I would never subject you to something like that again and from the day on, all-you-can-eat buffets have held a certain fascination/suspicion to me that I don’t allow myself to indulge in.


…I like my food. No, I really do like it. I am in fact Monica Geller – I like cleaning and there’s a chubby girl inside me who would just love to get out and gorge herself to diabetes. She’s not allowed. She gets ice-cream or Mexican or a burger the size of her head now and then but day to day, she’s told to pipe down and enjoy a kale salad. And when this girl sees ‘all-you-can-eat-buffet’, she can’t help but look. Such was the case when I found a deal on Groupon for this very thing at the Sushi Cafe in Wandsworth and so it was that my lovely sister and I found ourselves there and found ourselves unbelievably glad that we did…

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Loving the summer and good friends at Greenwich Food Market…

greenwich 4 Greenwich 5

I don’t think there is anything better than good food with good friends. I mean, those are literally the ingredients for the happiest time you can spend in the company of others.

I’d like to nominate Greenwich for one of the prettiest, loveliest, most picture perfect parts of London and although some may moan at the fact it’s a little off the beaten track, that just adds to its charm IMHO. You generally have to make a little effort to get there but that just makes it even more worthwhile…then you feel like you’ve actually earnt the pleasure that a few hours there will deliver.  Read More