Festive dining at Boulevard Brasserie, Covent Garden…

I love, love, love Christmas. Everything about it…carols and presents and mince pies and tinsel and the Nutcracker and Slade…everything. Last year the lovely C and I put into place the first annual Christmas date. Matthew Bourne at Sadlers Wells followed by dinner at the Petrichor made for such a gorgeous time we decided after several glasses of bubbles that it would become a festive tradition. Well, isn’t that the way all the best decisions of the world are made…?

Scarily, a year has passed and the time has rolled around to do it again. Decidedly less scary that means woo hoo, it’s time to pop on a frock and drink some more bubbles together and so it was we found ourselves getting cultured at the BFI with a big screen viewing of the epic and perfect ‘Gone With The Wind’ and then getting ourselves fed at Boulevard Brasserie…

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Enjoying a Brazilian for once in Soho at Canela…

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There are some things in life that it’s just best to accept that the majority of women will have differing opinions on.

Heels vs flats. Boy bands vs rock. Scruffy vs preppy.

Every girl, lady, broad, dame, chick, diva knows what she likes and what she doesn’t and generally, any sentence with the word ‘Brazilian’ in it will fall into the category of what she doesn’t like.

Hand on heart, I’d be the same, except now, I’d make damn sure before agreeing that you weren’t in fact, talking about Canela,  a super sweet Covent Garden hideaway that serves up outstanding food of the Brazilian kind.

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Post Trekkie dining at Union Jacks, Covent Garden…

I think Jamie Oliver is awesome. I do. I admire how he wants to make good food better and more accessible for everyone. I love his energy and his passion and his enthusiasm. It’s just a shame it didn’t quite translate for me into Union Jacks.

Billed as the place where ‘wood-fired flatbread pizzas meet great British flavours’, I really wanted to like it. I really wanted to love the food and rave about it because generally, that’s what my hope is for every place I eat at and every thing I consume but apologies to you Jamie, it just didn’t do it for me here.

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