Farm Girl and the latte that won my coffee haters’ heart…

Farm Girl aka the place that made me like coffee. I’m not still quite yet the sort of person who downs triple shots of espresso until I’m as buzzed up as Donald Trump at the thought of a golden arches drive-through but I am now the sort of gal who enjoys a Liquid Gold Latte, made with cinnamon, turmeric & astragalus…

Originally opened in Notting Hill a few years ago when the rush for Aussie goodness in the form of London brunching really took off, Farm Girl delivers on trend ingredients, served beautifully and with a reasonable price-tag. Never take these 3 things lightly in a city where you’d be correct for thinking upon entering that the choice between paying your gas bill or feeding your avo-toast habit will now be an ever permanent question of your life.This second branch is sat squarely in the beating heart of Soho, on the first floor of millennial mecca, Sweaty Betty. Neon lights, ceramic dishes and splashes of teal & blush make this the sort of place you could expect to find yourself elbow to lycra clad elbow in with the Tone It Up girls and brunch menus here read like a who’s who of all that’s glowing & healthy in current pop culture.

Acai bowl? Naturally. Teff & bee pollen porridge? Of course. Buckwheat pancakes with coconut yoghurt? Do you even have to ask?


The good news is that Farm Girl hasn’t placed style over substance as portion sizes are decent and the food tastes great plus, whilst it may sound like the sort of place you can only go if your name is Petra & you have a West London post-code, it’s actually super friendly with some safe edible options tucked away in the back pocket of its yoga pants.

Sourdough toast arrived two ways; admirably propping up rounded mounds of chunky avo & heavily dotted with darkly jewelled pomegranate seeds and also thickly spread with sunny honey swirled ricotta & topped with quarters of ruby fleshed fig.


Don’t leave without tiptoing out of your comfort zone and trying that liquid gold latte which is sweet, silky, warming and arrives boasting the finest Frenchie latte art you’ll ever commit to your Instagram feed. And FYI astragalus, for those keeping up, is a root well known for it’s immune system support and its ability to fight stress, so there you go…every day’s a school day.

The nice thing about this location turns out to actually be three nice things; it’s central and easy to get to. You can work out downstairs and get blow dried upstairs before & after breakfast. You’re not rushed along and can drink your refills of bobbing-lemon-and-cucumber water in peace. In the world’s busiest city, Farm Girl may well just be an injection of goodness and relaxation you didn’t even know you needed.


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