Roasted Winter Squash & Carrots Agrodolce…

Every so often I stumble across a recipe that I think sounds interesting, I make up and I promptly fall head over heels for. This absolute gem from the archives of Bon Appetit and the mind of Senior Food Editor Chris Morocco is one such example of my rampant, random, recipe obsession.


Currently in the throes of a wintry obsession with roasted squash and carrots – honestly, I’ve years to make up for where carrots are concerned having only recently realised that my decades long avoidance of ‘squishy’ carrots has kept me from the perfectly caramelised vegetables which emerge after time spent in the oven – and needing to find as many ways to eat them as I possibly can, this tangy, spicy, sweet dressing is glorious in its complexity of flavours and simplicity of cooking. Read More