Scream if you wanna go gluten free…

Finding good gluten-free baked treats is often as easy as finding something good to say about Donald Trump’s hair. It takes dedication, perseverance and the ability to accept it’s likely to never happen…or so I thought until I stumbled into Cookies & Scream on Holloway Road.

An offshoot of the original cookie bar which popped up in Camden Market seven years ago, this little sit-down shop has all the original favourites plus a whole host of new faces on London’s gluten-free baking landscape. Small glass cases at the front of a shop that’s part goth-part Mary Berry were full of everything from cookies the size of dinner plates to brownies that seemed to be melting in a puddle of their own chocolaty goodness to My-Little-Pony coloured fruit pies…oh and did I mention that everything they make here is gluten, wheat, egg & dairy free?

Servings are generous (translation – wear your most elasticated of waistbands) and well worth their price-tags which hover around the £3-4 mark. Staff are friendly – one guy sporting what are unarguably the best curls in the capital FYI! – and patiently welcoming to a small queue which included everyone from school kids to OAP’s on the afternoon I visited.

Winners here include the ‘Wookie’, a rocky road-esque slice every bit as naughty as it should be with a crumbly biscuity base and a thick layer of chocolate that’s gorgeously bumpy with fruit and nuts…


…a giant oatmeal cookie that had fantastic buttery texture both on the plate and in the mouth…


…and a chocolate orange blondie which was fragrant, unashamedly statuesque and altogether splendid, the fudgy textured cake studded with fat chunks of zesty indulgence.


A couple of items could do with a little refinement; a chocolate orange donut was satisfyingly light but slightly too sweet for my liking thanks mainly to the zebra print icing…


…and whilst the strawberry pie tasted like an absolute dream of a dessert with an oaty crust that crumbled deliciously under the weight of the pale berry topping, it didn’t hold up well in the unexpected balmy temperatures outside and quickly sank oozily into itself – but there’s no denying value for money if you’re a fan of supersized portions.


Gluten avoiders can often feel like the poor relation when it comes to any kind of food, let alone the sort of sweet treat you fancy at the end of a long week but I genuinely think this place delivers exactly what it promises – delicious, indulgent & freshly baked cakes, slabs & pies that I’m sure the most hardened of dessert lovers would be hard pressed to find fault with.

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