Vintage teacups and sugar dusted cakes = a frightfully delightful afternoon tea baby shower!

Is there anything more swoon-inducing than a traditional, vintage, English afternoon tea?

Nope. And when it’s serving as a gorgeous baby shower for a gorgeous lady, it gets even better…

image (14)

The skies were blue and dotted with cotton wool puffs of cloud, the bunting was up and dancing in a gentle breeze and the excited chatter of some 20 ladies filled the air of this beautiful, celebratory baby shower for the beautiful and celebrated KTT.

Tiered stands laden down with towering, icing sugar dusted sponge cakes…

image (17) image (18)

gold rimmed cups and saucers stacked next to beautifully mis-matched side plates and dainty pearl handled cake knives…

image (16)

…vases and jugs full of fat pink blossoms…

image (24)

…golden scones begging to be lavished with buttery yellow clotted cream and glossy berry jam…

image (19)

…and oh, lots of glorious sunshine in which to sit and bask while sipping tea and gorging on tangy, fresh lemon cake, light-as-air Victoria sponge, damp and squidgy cherry almond slice, zingy passionfruit and lime loaf and juicy berries that exploded in your mouth leaving behind the very taste of English summer…


KTT was surrounded by bags and boxes and cards and tissue paper as the best part of an American tradition – spoiling the mum to be – blended with the best part of an English tradition – tea and baked goods and pinky fingers in the air.

image (22)

This was a decidedly chilled baby shower and the lack of half tried jars of baby food and nappies filled with melted chocolate bars just made it even better! Chubby cheeked baby photos were comically mis-matched to their adult owners and nursery-coloured fingerprints created a pretty reminder of the afternoon for the parents to be. Roll on the arrival of this little food loving prince or princess because with parents, aunties and friends like these, there’s no way he or she will be anything else.

image (23) image (26)

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