Regressing to a big, sugary, pink childhood…


This post is as short and sweet as the food stuff it references with the main focus on you dear reader with this simple question…what do you class as the food of your childhood?

What takes you back to the days when you maybe had fewer cares? Less stress? More hair?

Strawberry Nesquik is the winner for me – delightfully, childishly sugary sweet with a colour not quite born from nature and a flavour that never met an actual strawberry in its life, it’s the perfect childhood treat. Having it again recently only pointed out how perfect a reminder it is of the days before calorie counting and the maple syrup diet and good old Dr. Atkins became part of everyday vocabulary. Plus, it’s advocated by a big toothed, big cheeked, big eared bunny and if he doesn’t scream ‘nutritional expert’ to you, frankly, I don’t know how much more you’re expecting.

So share something edible and delicious from your childhood with us here…remind yourself how much you loved it…and then go indulge in it. Be the grown up having smiley faces and Findus Crispy Pancakes for lunch, spaghetti hoops piled on top of Birds Eye Waffles for dinner or Angel Delight topped with Love Hearts as a late night snack – you’ll be so glad you are.

4 thoughts on “Regressing to a big, sugary, pink childhood…

  1. Birds Eye waffles, definitely! And now I’m going to have to buy them in the next shop because they’re just too good 🙂 and putting tangy cheese Doritos in my peanut butter sandwich for school lunches… not that I would still do that now….ahem. xxxx


  2. Still love spaghetti hoops (have to be hoops – I bought worms once – cried!!) but my childhood favourite remains flying saucers!!! Love them!! Still can’t get enough of them 😉 They make me happy!!!!


    1. Yes!!! Spaghetti hoops are amazing, I always have them in the cupboard to go on toast with lots of cheese and yes Becky, I too have suffered the anguish of getting worms once…not the same at all! Love flying saucers as a childhood reminder though…they’re gorgeous because they taste kind of cardboardy on the outside but you know what lies in the middle…yum! xox


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