A carby cure for too much Godzilla, karaoke and sambuca…

Welcome to a teeny-tiny-but-perfectly-formed-none-the-less post.

Seriously. It’s under 200 words. I deserve a medal, or at least a certificate…I may actually go and knock one up Geller style on the laptop…

This weekend has been full of firsts and included a pretty fabulous birthday celebration – 3 hours of IMAX 3d ‘Godzilla’ followed by 3 hours of Sambuca shots and Lucky Voice Karaoke. Yep, just a quiet, intimate little celebration that meant this morning got off to a slightly slower than normal speed.

Mrs. Doubtfire. Pyjamas. Epic breakfast sandwiches.

I’m talking crispy bacon medallions, perfect creamy avocado, gooey poached egg and golden seed-scattered bread with a generous dousing of ketchup and a large mug of tea to wash it down with.

Haute cuisine this is not. Satisfying and moreish this is. I’m not going to pretend this is difficult to make or that you can’t adapt it because you absolutely can although I risk being really annoying here when I say it’s pretty close to perfect as is but whatever dear readers, knock yourself out by swapping red for brown sauce or throwing a sausage in there as well to sit atop it’s porky bacon mate; this is nothing more than a simple little post celebrating a breakfast of champions.


It’s amazing how much more human you feel after loading yourself up with delicious comfort food and watching Robin Williams shake it with a vacuum…

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