An Udderly delicious ice-cream parlour to savour in Angel…

I love ice-cream. No really. I heart, adore and have a total devotion to ice-cream. It’s my favourite food. It’s serves as a comfort and a celebration and frankly, if either of the bearded, bear-gods of the dairy, Ben or Jerry ever announce they are single and living in London, sorry J, we may need to talk.

So imagine my slightly-scary-to-those-who-don’t-know-me-but-totally-understandable-to-those-who-do elation upon moving to the N1 postcode and finding an absolute gem of an old fashioned ice-cream parlour

image (6)image (1)

Walking in, your eyes can’t help but be drawn to the large glass fronted display cabinet showcasing of all the flavours on offer but you also notice all the other little touches that add to it’s undeniable cuteness…

…the fridge of ice-cream cakes that make me want come here everyday to buy you, yes you dear reader, a birthday cake. What’s that you say, I don’t know you or where you live? Fear not, the cake, I’m not in the slightest bit sorry to say, would never actually make it to you…

image (3) image (4)

…the creamy tin jugs full of bright, fat blossoms…

image (2) photo

…the jars of toppings wedged around stacks of crispy, golden wafer cones and chock full of rainbow coloured marshmallows or darkly rich caramelised nuts…

image (7) image (8)

…and then there’s the ice-cream itself. It is, quite simply, wonderful. It’s creamy, it’s served at the perfect temperature by smiling people who actually look like they enjoy their work and the flavours are sublime. Banana caramel and cherry tasted more like the real thing than any other brand I’ve tried and the cookies and cream and salted caramel were every bit as gorgeously indulgent as they should be. These flavours were the samplings of today’s visit and they made me want to come back and try something new before I’d even left the shop.

image (5) image

In case this place wasn’t lovely enough already, they also have a real feel of being a local shop and a part of the local community – if you have a wizard idea – could I BE more Famous Five using a term like that? – for a new flavour, let them know and you may end up on the wall of fame with your genius idea in one of the tubs waiting to make people happy because let’s face it, unless you’re having a Miss. Congeniality moment and need a pint to yourself, that’s the purpose of ice-cream. To make you happy. To make your taste buds happy. To make your soul happy. And now thanks to Udderlicious, you can buy that happiness, top it with sprinkles and enjoy.

image (9)

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