When a pizza might not be a pizza…

Is pizza actually pizza if it’s not on a round disc of dough, covered in cheese and tomato and originating from Italy?

This is the debate I had with a co-worker recently. I say yes.

She remains unconvinced.

I think if it’s based on pizza but it’s been adapted, it still counts.

She’s not sure.

This may never be something that we agree on but I can say categorically, whatever you want to call these bad boys, make sure the word ‘delicious’ is in the title.

chorizo artichoke naan pizza (1)

Chorizo. Mozzarella. Artichokes. Pesto. Naan breads. Ta-flipping-da!

Rocket science this is not. Spread the bread with the pesto then scatter across the top smoky, spicy, paprika hued chorizo, soft, sliced artichoke and creamy white ripped pieces of mozzarella. By ‘ripped’ I mean you’ve torn it. I’m not specifying that your cheese has to be muscly and in possession of its own Jillian Michaels inspired six pack.

chorizo artichoke naan pizza (2) chorizo artichoke naan Pizza

The beauty of these is two fold; the naans make for a lighter base than even the thinnest of  bases you can buy and the size of them is perfect for one. BTW, one is also perfect when served with err, one more.

Everything here was shop bought and I’m not ashamed of that fact in the slightest – it’s a Friday night dinner people – but you feel free to go ahead and shame me by making your own pesto and preparing and cooking your own artichokes. I’ll applaud your Gwyneth style determination as I pour a second glass of wine and lick chorizo oil from my fingertips…

chorizo artichoke naan pizza (4) chorizo artichoke naan pizza (3)

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