The curious case of the custard apple…

I’m lucky enough to live somewhere that has a wonderful community feel to it…there are actual butchers and bakers and, no, not candlestick makers, but greengrocers whose shelves are constantly laden with various tubs of produce…ruby toned berries and velvety baby apricots and leafy bunches of greenery. It’s cheap, the produce is good, it’s been around forever and I walk past it every day on the way home.

Thus it was that I found myself in possession of my very first custard apple. Now, I like fruit. I like the fact that it tastes good and it’s healthy but you put the word ‘custard’ in front of it and hello sailor! I like it even more…hmm, perhaps this is how I will eventually like broccoli…

…no. No, that’s just never going to happen. Anyway, back to the fruit in question – here she is…

custard apple (1) custard apple (2)

Pretty, non? After rapturous exclamations of delight that made J think I’d found a £50 note on the shelves rather than a piece of fruit, he gamely agreed to try it with me. I have to be honest and say that it’s not the most visually attractive piece of fruit I’ve ever opened and eaten but she was actually quite lovely.

custard apple (3)

Creamy soft, thick flesh sprinkled with glossy black seeds, the flavour was evaporated-milky sweet and, crazy I know given it’s name, actually tasted like custard. Who’d have guessed?  The texture was peach like and much softer than your average apple and my only disappointment was that it took quite a bit of work to eat the thing and there wasn’t enough of it. It was a bit like eating watermelon when you find more time taken up with either digging out or spitting out (company allowing) the seeds and not enough time actually enjoying it.

I’d eat it again and I love trying new seasonal produce so it was exciting to find this but I’d buy a big bag of them a) to enjoy and b) can you imagine a custard apple crumble with crunchy brown sugar and rich yellow custard? Of course you can…

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