Not so secret fabulous dining at Hush, Holborn…

Brasserie. Booths.

Macaroni cheese. Copper pans.

Eton mess. Prosecco.

Friendly service. Relaxed atmospheres.

What do these words have in common? They all make me happy. They all make me want to go somewhere that offers them. If you’re the same then Hush, a charming little brasserie in Holborn, is what you need to be popping into your Google Maps right now…

God bless the internet. No really. God. Bless. The. Internet.

There are many reasons why I am forever thankful to Mr. Tim Berners-Lee for taking a few moments out of his busy day to y’know, create the internet. And let’s just take a moment to consider THAT…create the internet?! Y’know what I do in my spare moments? I paint my nails. I eat cereal. I take ridiculous quizzes on Buzzfeed which is actually Tim’s fault if you think about it but hey, my point is, the man done good and the fact that every dining establishment in London can be found on the internet is something I’ll forever be grateful for because frankly, there are too many new ones springing up, old ones closing down and well kept secrets around to know them all any other way.

Hush in Holborn is one of those little secrets and it was the perfect place for some bonding time with the gorgeous N, sister of my equally gorgeous J. N knows what she likes. She knows what she doesn’t like. Frankly, I like that. It makes it a damn sight easier to decide where to eat and here I think she’d agree with me in saying that this place is one for a return visit.

Welcomed with a smile and seated in a booth, the lighting was subdued without being ridiculously gloomy, the decor simple without being stark and the menu laden with things I earmarked for this visit…and the next.

While the lobster roll tempted me – in my head that was going to take me to Maine where I’d be eating it on the beach in white linen looking breezily fabulous – and the tiger prawn risotto caught my eye too – this was taking me to a cosy corner of Italy and a checked tablecloth, candle adorned, Lady-and-the-Tramp style bistro – it was in fact the macaroni cheese that seduced me in the end. It gets me every time. I mean, it’s pasta and it’s cheese and, if you’re really lucky, it’s fricking crispy bacon bits too. The fact that it came oozing in it’s own gleaming copper pan just made me love it even more.

image (7)  image (6)

It was bubbling hot with a crispy top layer that clung to me fork with something akin to desperation – it’s almost as if it knew my gaping tummy was its final destination. Underneath that, the pasta was cooked beautifully, the salty bacon cut through the creaminess of the cheese perfectly and a cool, crisp chopped salad refreshed my mouth.

If you were thinking there probably wasn’t room for pudding, this is clearly the first entry on this blog that you’ve read. Unless something quite exceptional has happened, there’s always room for pudding. You know you’re in trouble when you’d eat 99% of the dessert menu. In case you’re wondering, that 1% was lost for me by an Earl Grey ice-cream which just doesn’t float my boat. However warm Valrhona chocolate pot, blood orange sorbet and Nutella pancakes? Yeah, the boat’s floating now, as it was when we plumped for Eton Mess and Mars Bar Cheesecake.

image (8)

The Eton Mess was the perfect size because good ole mac and his buddy cheese were taking up the lion’s share of my stomach by this point – soft and creamy and with a fruity tang to cut through the sweetness, it was one delicious spoonful after another and N, whose eyes had widened to Disney princess size at the arrival of the bigger-than-my-handbag-sized-piece of cheesecake, well, she also managed every last forkful. We didn’t want to be rude you understand…

Hush is one of those places that once you’ve been, you know you’ll go again. There’s always going to be the age old problem (and I’m well aware it’s a first world problem BTW) of not wanting to miss something new and amazing by always going back to the same places and this is true…


…it’s worthwhile having places you can tuck into your repertoire, bookmarked for certain people when you find yourselves eating out with them and this is definitely one of them. You don’t always want crazy or adventurous or once in a lifetime dining – sometimes you want quality, flavour and a wonderful evening. Trust me when I say here is the place for all three of those things.

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