Fast food done good at Byron, Westfield…

image (11)

After working 8 years in retail where you don’t get Bank Holidays off and where you wistfully watch customers come in and pick up nice food and drink to go out and enjoy together, I’m still at the stage of getting very over excited when one comes along and I can do the same thing! Now to be honest, a Bank Holiday doesn’t always equal sunshine – we are in the UK after all – but a day off work is still a delightful treat and this one, well this one just happened to turn into an awesome, ideal-for-a-12-year-old kind of day…




See? I wasn’t lying about it being the stuff early teens dreams are made of…although as it’s been quite some time since I was one of those, I’m probably well out of date now.

Byron is one of those chains that I’ve seen quite a bit since moving to London but I’d never eaten in until today and I have to say, for a chain, it’s pretty damn good.

Seriously friendly service which, for saying these staff work in a Westfield, a place that could be used instead of water boarding as an effective torture device, is saying something. Packed to the rafters but delivering quick service and a fairly broad menu, I was impressed by how non-chain it seemed actually. I will ask this though and I don’t blame Byron because they’re obviously catering to demand…who the heck goes to a BURGER RESTAURANT and orders the skinny version? No bun. No chips. No point.

I opted for chicken which came with baby spinach, tomato, red onion and a tomato mayonnaise and, because a burger without cheese is a sad woeful thing in my opinion, I asked for some blue cheese to be thrown on there just for the hell of it.

image (12)

Arriving in a golden brown brioche bun, the chicken was char-grilled and juicy, the blue cheese added a kick that it might have lacked otherwise and the tomato mayonnaise wrapped each mouthful together in a lusciously creamy hug of flavour.

Fried were also impressive. I think Honest Burger may have spoilt me for life with their rosemary salted version but these weren’t half bad and a massive improvement on the dismal specimens I had not too long ago at Altitude. Crispy with their skin on and chunky enough to feel like a proper mouthful, the portion size was generous and massively filled the hole that hours of shopping can produce.

image (14)

Ok so Byron isn’t the best burger I’ve ever had but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a burger of some sort – meat, poultry or veggie – and that’s why this is a chain that’s going to be around for a long time. It’s definitely a safe, tasty and reasonably priced way to congratulate yourself for surviving a Bank Holiday mall..

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