Salad to get excited about…

james salad (2)

Yeah I know.

You read that headline and thought ‘err, aren’t the words ‘salad’ and ‘excite’ mutually exclusive? Not here my friend, not here.

Sometimes when you’ve had a lot of rich, good, intense food, all you want is something light, simple and delicious. A salad seems as good a place to start as any but I’m not talking about some sad looking iceberg lettuce topped with a few sorry looking slices of tomato and cucumber, oh no. This is a salad to reckon with.

J is good at many things and one of those happens to be delivering a salad worthy of observing, admiring and devouring. Sweet butter lettuce provides a perfect base for some of the best flavours out there…sauteed, paprika dusted red onion, pepper and tomatoes…soft clay textured avocado…fiery slices of smoky chorizo…creamy chunks of blue cheese…tropically juicy mango…char grilled chicken…tiny little explosive pomegranate nuggets of sherberty deliciousness.

Filling. Rainbow hued. Fresh. Perfect.

james salad (1)

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