A feasting through France kind of catch-up in Cafe des Amis, Covent Garden…

Cafe des Amis 1

Cafe des Amis is one of the first places I picked for an early date with J and since then I have to admit, I’ve taken more than one girlfriend there on a ladies date night as well. Well the good news is, both J and the girlfriends are still around so it’s clearly the kind of place that works well regardless of the company or the situation.

It’s actually not that hard to see why – it’s become something of a loyal little secret for me because the food is spot on, the atmosphere is relaxed and buzzing and the service is welcoming and never rushed. You’re always greeted with sincerity like a long lost friend who’s stayed away too long and your every need is attended to with unobtrusive professionalism.

I have never been here when it wasn’t full which in a city of a million restaurants, I take as a good sign. Coming here for a long awaited catch up with the lovely G was definitely the highlight of my day and something I’d been looking forward to for weeks and after the arrival of some celebratory bubbles, it was time to get down to some serious chat and some serious food…

Warm succulent duck confit salad with jewel-toned pomegranate seeds and a balsamic dressing…

Cafe des Amis 2

Homemade pumpkin ravioli with soft, fresh pasta, creamy sage butter sauce, pine nuts and a bite from the rocket salad…

Cafe des Amis 3 Cafe des Amis 4

Warm sticky and oozy caramelised apple tarte tatin with meltingly smooth vanilla flecked ice-cream…

Cafe des Amis 5 Cafe des Amis 6

The thing about Cafe des Amis is that it’s not the intimidatingly fanciest or even the most authentic restaurant I’ll bet you have ever been to or ever visit in the future but it is fantastic value for money, introduces you to French cooking and classic dishes in a non-scary way and in this day and age where we want great quality but we don’t want to bankrupt ourselves in order to get that, this counts for a lot.


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