Midnight snacks with a little bald gold man…

Oscars 2014

Sometimes an awesome food experience doesn’t have to be a hugely decadent meal and it doesn’t have to involve trying out the latest fad in the latest hot spot. An awesome food experience is one that delivers an awesome food memory.

Watching the Oscars has always been a calendar event for me. I love the anticipation of counting down post-Christmas from the Globes, where everyone looks super fashion forward and slightly hammered, to the Baftas where the Brits roll in the aisles at the perfectly timed dry wit of Stephen Fry and the Yanks look bemused but clap and smile in all the right places because they’re just so damn polite to the mother of them all, the Academy Awards, always falling in the midnight hour and beyond of the last weekend in February. I completely adore the traditions of this day…taking a 7pm disco nap that then allows me to get up at 11pm to ooh and ah at the Red Carpet…snuggling down in sweats and a blanket on the sofa…and enjoying the company of my good friends Ben and Jerry.

Due to tv scheduling the last few years have been sadly Oscar free for me but last year, J and I enjoyed our first 24 hour delayed Oscar night together, along with completed ballots, pizza and champagne…note: having someone who is as big a geek as you are about something only makes you enjoy it even more.

This year however, we had it. We had the Oscars, over 240 fabulous minutes of it. We had the chance to watch it live which is THE only way to do it. I could watch the luminously beautiful stars on screen and Wolfgang Puck’s phenomenally beautiful Instagram food porn shots to my heart’s content. And so, hunkering down with bubbles and ice-cream, we created a new tradition. I said goodbye to the girl who used to watch it on her own in the middle of the night, wrapped up in a dressing gown with stars in her eyes and a spoon in her hand and I said hello to the woman who now wouldn’t want to watch it any other way with any other company.

Food plays a massive part in our memories and is every bit as effective as seeing a faded photograph or a catching the scent of something familiar in taking us to the places that leave us as warm and happy and content as we could possibly be.


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