Egyptian street food and a Lego Lando Calrissian…

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New food addiction alert.

No, I don’t think I made myself clear.

New. Food. Addiction. Alert.

Saturday afternoon date with J. Lunch and big-screen Lego. Awesome but where to eat? I wonder if other foodies ever have the same issues as I sometimes do when deciding where to eat – do you go somewhere that you know you love and where you know you’ll have a super delicious meal or do you throw yourself at the mercy of a brand new feeding opportunity? Today was a day for throwing culinary caution to the wind and choosing the second of these two options.

Koshari Street has been on Groupon a few times recently, offering two large koshari and drinks for under a tenner. Anywhere else, that’d be a pretty good deal. In London, it’s a fricking awesome deal…

…IF the food is good.

Let me tell you, if you see this offer on Groupon again, buy it. Don’t even hesitate because the food is good and then some.

Koshari is an Atkins nightmare which automatically makes it something of a dream for me. Rice, lentils and tiny pasta with chickpeas and ripe, juicy tomato sauce topped with fragrant herbs and mouth wateringly good crispy onions, I’m not over exaggerating when I say this was a tub of deliciousness that I would quite happily have shrunk  myself down to the size of our Lego companions for, just so that I could have dived in and spent hours eating my way out.

A large is generous so don’t eat before you go and don’t plan on eating for at least eight hours afterwards and with a choice of mild, hot or mad spice levels, there’s something for every level of food adventurer. The place itself is small with approximately 8-10 stools along the wall opposite the counter but being in the center of Theatreland means that there’s no shortage of places to perch outside if necessary. We got there around 2.30pm to find a few others waiting, a quick and professional service and two free seats upon which we sat to placate our grumbling tummies.

It’s filling, it’s warm, it’s spicy, it’s utterly delicious and despite it being carb upon carb, each grain has been cooked well enough that they’re distinguishable and don’t disappear into one big gloopy mess. If you don’t have a serious addiction to food, you might think I can be a bit OTT when I find something new to adore. Trust me on this, get yourself to a tiny pocket of Egypt in the centre of London and enjoy…

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