An Introduction to Baking at Leiths, week 4…

The last week has rolled around and whereas with the four week class at LCB, I was sad to finish, here I’m actually sad that I don’t feel sadder. I’m a baker at heart and I was hoping I’d have got more out of this class than I actually did.

We were finishing with red onion focaccia and fruited soda bread plus a practical demonstration of spicy corn muffins…again, if I’d not long completed a one day workshop in artisan bread-making at LCB, I would have more than likely loved this class because I do have something of an addiction to bread. Unfortunately the variety and volume of products from that workshop meant that the focaccia and soda bread created here, although undeniably tasty (especially warm with Famous Five style lashings of butter) didn’t quite reach the same heights.

The spicy corn muffins were amazing, served hot out of the oven with jalapenos and feta delivering maximum impact on the flavour front…corn muffins or corn bread use a coarse flour made from dried maize or corn which has a fantastic buttery yellow colour and works equally well as the base ingredient for a corn bread to accompany piping hot chilli or as an added texture on the outside of more mainstream bread.

week 4 c

The dough for both breads here was beautiful to handle, soft and tinged with either ribbons of red onion running through it or dots of plump juicy raisins…

bread 2 bread 3

bread 4 bread

It definitely feels weird to be fairly nonchalant about being done with this class. I do feel that the class specifics could have been made a bit clearer on the website, that this really is a course for total beginners because for someone like that, it would be brilliant and you would probably leave feeling that you’d accomplished a lot. I wasn’t expecting the things we made to be so simple and straightforward and although I’m sure I’ll make some of them again, I actually think the doorstop weight book, Leith’s Baking Bible, that we were all given will actually get more use than the notes from this class.

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