Taqueria, Westbourne Grove…

In my thirty something years, the best soft tacos I have ever had have come from a tiny little taqueria in Los Angeles. It’s probably one of many, hole-in-the-wall shopfronts that you wouldn’t even give a second glance to unless someone gave you the heads up. Luckily someone did that for me and now, 5000 miles away, I’m passing the taco buck as best as I can…

Trendy, upscale, Westbourne Grove based restaurant Taqueria is as far as you can get from a low key, LA taco outlet but as far as I’m concerned, it makes the best soft shell tacos I’ve had outside the city of angels and that’s about as high a piece of praise I can give.

There’s something pleasingly primitive about eating with your hands and when what you’re eating is soft and steamed, warm and loaded with fall-apart-at-the-touch meat, avocado, tomato, onion, coriander among other things, it’s just outstanding. My advised course of action here is simply pick several dishes and share…by ‘share’ I mean, everyone has a bit of everything sure, but by all means dig in and make sure you get your fill. No standing on ceremony here, it’s every taco lover for herself…

I can wholeheartedly recommend trying Carne Asada, Carnitas and Choriqueso with a side of sliced fried plantains that are so good you’ll want to order them again and again and again…I could eat multiple portions of them on their own as my breakfast, lunch and dinner. What you’ll get with these tacos is charcoal grilled steak with marinated cheese and salsa roja; my absolute favourite of shredded, slow cooked and superbly seasoned pork with green salsa, pickled jalapeño and crackling crumbs and home made Mexican chorizo encased in browned cheese.

Each taco comes with a sprinkling of onion and coriander and frankly, each taco could be quadrupled in size and I’d still want more. I tell myself that the small size is part of their charm and that I shouldn’t want them to be any bigger but who am I kidding?  I don’t even believe myself when I say that…

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