An Austrian lunch minus the yodelling at Kipferl, Angel…

So an afternoon consisting of the Coen brothers and a wiener does sound like the set up line for a slightly off the wall joke but it is in fact, how J and I spent a good few hours this afternoon.

One of those things left me satisfied and intrigued and wanting more.

One left me slightly bored and in need of cheering up.

Can you guess which was which? Hint – I take photos of the things I like…

Kipferl 2

Austrian food isn’t ever something I’ve considered a ‘must eat’. It gets sadly overlooked by plates of Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Indian marching in and dominating your plate and your palate with spice after spice after spice when actually, it can hold its own with a freshness of flavour and an often unexpected heat.

Kipferl in Camden Passage has been on my list of places to eat ever since we moved to Angel last autumn. BTW, there are are walls in China and reefs in Australia that are shorter and less intricate than this list of mine. It’s largely been the promise of genuine Austrian pastries that has tempted me in but ironically on this visit, it wasn’t the sweet but the savoury that delighted me in the form of  the Kipferl Special, a pair of Wiener or Debreziner or a Kaesekrainer served with salads, rye bread, mustard and freshly grated horseradish.

It was uncommonly delicious and surprisingly moreish. I’m not good at sharing food. In fact, it’d be fair to say I should sometimes just have a card I can hold up with Joey’s statement that I ‘don’t share food!’ On occasion though, it’s nice to experience something new with someone else. That moment when you both have your first bite and you look at each other, eyes widening slightly as you realise that yes, actually this is really pretty damn good. This is what happened here.

The bread was soft and delicious, the salad sweet and fresh and the sausage perfect with the snap as you bite into it, followed by lots of flavour, improved only a dab of horseradish, something I’m not normally a fan of but would totally encourage here.

Stylish and busy inside with a queue out the door, this is clearly a well kept secret of Angel and one that I will be returning to again.

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