Dinner so good it deserved to be eaten twice at Bodeans…


So here’s the thing, I’ve been hearing about Bodeans since I first met J in October 2012. I’ve heard how amazing the food is, how it’s the best place to go and how it will make both me and my tummy very, very happy.

So here’s another thing – you always have places you go where a certain item on the menu is so good, it becomes the benchmark by which all future versions of that food are judged against. The item in question here is pulled pork. The somewhat unlikely place for comparison is the Flintstones Cafe at Universal Studios, California. That, for me, was the best pulled pork I’d ever had.

Sorry Fred, you’ve now been wildly surpassed.

Super friendly service that began with taking our name and number to text when a table was free (estimated 20 minutes, actual time waited closer to 7) and ending with a sincere wish that we enjoy our weekend made the experience even more enjoyable and all the staff members were polite and professional enough not to comment on the BBQ sauce that was unquestionably smeared on our faces…

Upstairs, long wooden tables were packed with blissful looking diners enthusiastically eating with sticky fingers and more-than-contented faces. Downstairs it was dark and cosy with a tv adding character by unobtrusively playing American football and the air was thick with the scent of luscious smokiness.

Two Soho specials with fries, two beers, one side of onion rings = two happy campers. The Soho special combines pulled pork with pulled beef in a white floury bun that absorbed the sweet, succulent juices of the meat though not enough to stop it dropping through your fingers in the way that awesome meat should. A generous side of fries with tangy mayonnaise, fresh crisp coleslaw and a basket of hot, fresh, greasily delicious onion rings completed the meal and genuinely frosty mugs of beer completed the experience.

J actually stopped eating to watch me take my first mouthful and Oh. My. God. It’s so good.

No. You’re not hearing me.



Good. Like I-haven’t-even-finished-this-meal-and-I-already-want-to-come-back good. Soft. Juicy. Mouthwatering. Flavourful. Tangy. Moreish. Perfect.

If you love BBQ, come here. If you like BBQ, come here. If you think you might kind of like it, come here. If you don’t like it, come here. I guarantee it will be a meal that lingers long in your memory after the plate has been licked clean. I mean, err, wiped clean. Oh what the hell. I really did mean licked.

bodeans 2

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