Burgers sent from heaven…honestly…

Honest Burger 2

Burgers ruled the roost in London in 2013 or that’s what it felt like. And yet, somehow, inexplicably, I’d managed to avoid succumbing to many of the patty giants who’d invaded the capital, leaving a trail of ketchup strewn debris in their wake and herein lies the thing about eating in London – sometimes there is just too much damn choice.

Well last Saturday was a day full of my favourite things…films and food. Two heavily award nominated movies at the cinema to indulge our inner celluloid geeks followed by dinner at Honest Burger to indulge our inner over-eaters definitely equals treat day in my mind and having gone past Honest Burgers’ newest location in King’s Cross several times, the time had absolutely arrived to try it out.

Minimal and cool without being intimidating, we were greeted warmly with a big smile as soon as we opened the door. Getting there around 6pm proved to be the perfect time…enough tables full that it felt like a wise dining choice without being so loud and jammed with people that it became exhausting.

A simple menu fills me with confidence if, and it’s a big if, the food is done well. No need to panic people…Honest Burger will give you a simple menu and food not just done well but done really, really, sensationally well.

The Tribute burger – an individually hand shaped beef patty from the Ginger Pig topped with bacon, cheddar and onion marmalade – was as close to a flawless burger as I’ve had for a while. Tender, juicy, encased in a sweet toasted bun, cooked to perfection with enough of each topping in each heavenly mouthful to leave you torn between wanting to slow down so it lasted longer and shovel it in faster because it was just that tasty. Washed down with beautifully sparkling and apple-y Sheppy’s Somerset Cider and a Kona Big Wave Golden Ale that closed your eyes and took you to some laid back West Coast beach, it would have been a beyond splendid meal just like that.

However the addition of a more than generous serving of their legendary rosemary salt fries elevated the tin plate from ‘oh yeahhhhh…’ to ‘oh dear lord…’ I could’ve eaten a bucket of these fries and however unlikely the idea, if there were any leftovers, they’d have been dropped into my handbag for later…

This was quite simply a fantastic experience and very reasonably priced for the quality and portion size. It came with the kind of service that elevates it from a great meal to a great place to feel welcome and enjoy the kind of satisfaction that only comes from wiping the burger juices off your chin and grinning inanely at the lucky dining partner who gets to witness this.

Honest Burger

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