Spicy Korean BBQ burritos and desperately sourced glasses of milk at the Real Food Lovers Market…

real food market 3

I’ve had a lot of Chinese food in my life. Since moving to London this time, a fair amount of Thai has passed my lips too. Indian? Of course. Mexican? Possibly my all time favourite. But I’m ashamed to say I’ve not had the pleasure of Korean until today and wow, this might not be stereotypical Korean food, but as far as it goes in selling it to me and encouraging me to try it again? Job done.

Job. Well. Done.

Korrito BBQ Burrito now has a regular stall at the Real Food Market by the Southbank and if you live or work around this area, first of all, lucky you because this is a sincerely great little food market and second of all, have you tried these mammoth burritos? If you have, kudos to you. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Having wandered around and through this market several times before but never at the right time to properly indulge in its offerings, the time had finally come to rectify this. Didn’t matter in the slightest that it was pouring down with rain, that the skies were black and fat with rain swollen clouds or that one small umbrella was doing a pitiful job of keeping two people even vaguely dry. Nope. It was lunchtime and J and I were ready to feast.

There’s something about a burrito that’s just glorious. I don’t know if it’s the fact that everything scrumptious is bundled together in a soft warm outer shell that you can eat but there really is something utterly terrific about taking big greedy mouthfuls of something held there, fat and toasty warm in your hands…even if the rain is trickling down your neck.

Offering you the choice of a burrito, salad box or rice box, you then choose your filling, pork belly, chicken or beef, your rice, kimchi or sticky, your salad for added texture and the spicy Korean sauce.

The kimchi fried rice is a perfect fluffy, sticky, yummy bed to sit everything else on and in this case, the meat was very well cooked, the salad was refreshing and the sauce added a real kick of heat. No, I mean a REAL kick of heat. J and I love our spices but I have to tell you that as this was our first experience of Korean BBQ, we weren’t quite prepared for how fiery it would be.

Did we venture into the Royal Festival Hall to shelter from the rain and to find a balcony to lean over and people watch from while eating? Yes. Yes, we did.

Did I then send J off on a mission to find two glasses of milk with which to accompany our burritos? Yes. Yes, I did.

Don’t get me wrong, I would go back here again in a heartbeat. The food was a representation of street food at it’s very best and it was completely more-ish and a nice change from both the delicate flavours of Thai and Chinese and the powerhouse flavours of Indian and Mexican. I would just make damn sure I brought my own cow along with me…

real food market 4

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