Nigella’s Guinness Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting…

me guinness cake

Hands up, I’m an unashamed feeder. I will always want to give you food and, I’m afraid,  it doesn’t really matter if you’re hungry or not. One of the best things about working in an office is that generally, there are always people willing to wear the label of guinea pig. And thus began the first attempt of Nigella’s Guinness cake with a luscious cream cheese frosting…

Most of my team have a serious chocolate problem. Well maybe problem is the wrong word as it suggests negativity and frankly, they always look pretty positive when dark and rich comes into the office in a cake tin. They’ve never met a type of chocolate that they didn’t like so when I mentioned the possibility of this cake as an alternative to a more mainstream cocoa based confection, there were vague rumblings of mild uncertainty.

Let’s just say once the cake was sliced and mouthfuls were forked up, all such rumblings were silenced. This cake is seriously good. God bless her because Nigella, not for the first time, has come up with an absolute winner.

Moist and dark and damp with an vaguely earthy chocolate flavour that was beautifully complemented by a tangy, luxurious cream cheese frosting, this cake is a gorgeous step away from the crumbly sweetness that can sometimes come from a more traditional cake.

There’s really nothing Nigella can do that I don’t salute and this was no exception. It’s simple to make and you won’t find yourself scrutinizing the oven door for signs of rise and fall in the sponge. If you want to make a seriously grown up cake to impress, cast aside your fears of stepping away from the conventional and the customary and give this a go.

me guinness cake 2

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