Food trends for 2014…hands up for pea protein, super seeds and extraordinary pasta?

It’s so funny how food trends occur. The origins of some seem really obvious to me like the perfect-outdoor-summer-food burger invasion from across the pond that’s swept through London or the updated and arguably improved revival of one of the nations favourite guilty pleasure, the scotch egg now complete with runny yolk that seems to have been everywhere from the delightfully crazy Mr. Blumenthal to the shelves of our own beloved M&S.

Some seem less obvious…cereal flavoured milk does take us back to our childhood and there’s always real delight to be had with nostalgia but it seems oddly weird to order it as an adult and pay well above the price of a box of Frosties and a pint of semi skimmed for the pleasure of doing so.

I love looking ahead and learning about what will be next though and I’m not alone. The awesomely addictive Huffington Post lists it’s top 5 food trends of 2014 here and while I’m fully on board with veggies hiding in sweet treats and seeds unleasing their superhero powers on my dinner and my body, the part of me that loves to food shop and cook (basically all of me) can’t really handle the idea that bars will be a new go to for potential meal replacements. A meal should involve ingredients and colours, flavours and textures – it shouldn’t be uniform in appearance with a million other versions of itself and it shouldn’t be over in a matter of seconds.

Meanwhile over at, there are several suggestions I would love to see come true and be big next year…

…the rise of simple ingredients like lemon and egg sounds promising, not only because of the flavours they themselves give up when blended with other things but also because there’s something nice and breath-of-fresh-air-esque about using elements that come as they are i.e. you can add something to them but fundamentally, you don’t need to add anything to either to utilise it at its best. It seems like the best way of going back to nature.

…the flavours of the Middle East excites me greatly. Anything with a hint of Lebanon or Egypt to it is an instant yes please from me as it conjures up visions of spice and texture, lamb and chickpeas and rice, apricots and pomegranate and flat breads, eating greedily and devouring with your hands, all things of which I am a big fan.

…more exotic meat sources because this year I’ve discovered in a big way lobster, crab and venison and although they’re not as exotic as ostrich, crocodile or buffalo, they’re a million miles away from pork chops and chicken breasts which while dependable, can be as exciting as doing your taxes.

…a takeover of dairy from all sizes and shapes of nuts unashamedly floats my boat because I will happily throw a handful of nuts on any dish and swear it’s instantly made more interesting in terms of both texture and flavour.

Yes, roll on the next big thing because I am so on board with seeing where we go from here, I might as well be captaining the good ship SS. New Food.



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