Very cheap, very cheerful and very ‘please sir I want some more’ at Adriana II, Kilburn…

I found out about this place from a friend. A good friend. A great friend. And frankly, after eating at Adriana II, she is now a wonderful friend.

This Afghan restaurant boasts two locations – Kilburn and New York City. Well honestly I wouldn’t care where they were…I would go a looooong way for food this ‘stuff-it-into-your-mouth’ delicious in a setting that is warm, inviting and relaxed and with a welcome that is utterly sincere and genuine. Plus, it’s BYOB. Yep. It’s really got that much going for it and thankfully, it delivers on every count.

Located along Kilburn High Road, you could easily walk past and not even notice this place and it’s so good I almost don’t wanna share it! With three starters for £9, it would be crazy not to take advantage of that so we three ladies in need of a good feed at the end of a long work day absolutely did.

Kadoo Buranee, mashed pumpkin in oil with mixed herbs and spices and topped with yoghurt was sweet and full of flavour. Spinach samosas were petite and fragrant with garlic and cheese. Beautifully textured hummus with warm naan bread. All disappeared quickly and to the sound of happy, grunty, yummy noises. It’s the kind of food that begs to be eaten with your hands, scooping it up and onto bread and into your mouth.

Onto the mains and they were every bit as satisfying as the starters…

Kabuli Palow, fall-off-the-bone tender lamb shank fragrantly seasoned, topped with carrots, raisins, almonds & pistachios and served with basmati rice… 

My personal favourite of Mantu, minced lamb wrapped in soft, steamed pastry, accompanied by yoghurt and topped with meat sauce and lentils…

Chicken Shish Kebab, chunks of succulent chicken cooked with tomato, onion and grilled over wood charcoal and served with salad…

This is absolute fill-your-tummy-with food-and-your-heart-with-happiness dining and the staff are uncommonly friendly and eager to share their opinions on what you’ll like which actually, trust me, is everything. This is a fantastic place to go with friends for a relaxed dinner showcasing the very best cuisine that the Afghan culture can offer.

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