A belly busting, Sardinian feast of epic proportions at Su Sazzagoni in Victoria Park Village…

su sazzagoni 4

Ok, I need to let you in on a secret. A Sardinian secret. Su Sazzagoni in Victoria Park Village is stunning. There literally is not anything about this place or the lunch we had there that was no wonderful. This was a birthday meal for J to remember and then some…

su sazzagoni 2

I’ve never been to Sardinia but I imagine that the warmth, charm and passion for all things edible that oozes from every pore of this restaurant is an accurate representation of the place.

The Carpaccio di Manzo – beef carpaccio with herbs – was beautiful. Buttery soft and flavoursome, this is a favourite dish of mine and it did not disappoint. The portions were huge to the point where the antipasti selection, ordered by one and attempted by four, couldn’t be finished much to the concern of the staff! After assuring them that it was fabulous and that we’d be thrilled to take the remainder home, the mains were served.

Fresh egg parpadelle with ragu’ di cinghiale – wild boar ragu – was sublime. Rich and savoury with meat that fell apart at the touch of a fork, the sauce caressed but didn’t drown every ribbon of soft pasta and the fresh parmesan and herbs finished it perfectly.

Creamy, rich homemade ice-cream was all there was room for at the end of the meal…but of course it would have been rude not to find a small space for the limoncello that was brought to the table.

With ingredients for sale inside the place, the atmosphere of loving food and wanting to share that love with every customer who came in filled the restaurant and our lunch from the moment we walked in to the moment we rolled out. The staff made us feel so special and welcome and never rushed us, resulting in a completely relaxed and genial atmosphere. It was like dining at the home of a fabulously talented Sardinian family and it was just the kind of special experience you hope for when celebrating the birthday of someone beloved.

2 thoughts on “A belly busting, Sardinian feast of epic proportions at Su Sazzagoni in Victoria Park Village…

  1. Oh my life, you are so 100% correct and I am so 100% embarassed by whatever senior moment I was having at the moment I wrote Sicily instead of Sardinia! Thank-you for pointing this out…sincerest of apologies for any offence caused…about to rectify this right now!


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