Fast but fabulous food at Vapiano, Oxford Circus…

Vapiano 2

Let’s face it, fast food has something of a bad rap. It’s reputation precedes it and generally, like an East 17 reunion, cold callers and Virgin Media, it’s not a good one.

Now I’m not going to say I’ve never had a brown paper bag from either a certain set of golden arches or the home of the ultimate cardboard kids party crown but generally speaking, I’ve either been in my early and impressionable teens or at least one bottle of rose down and desperate for something to soak it up at the point of consumption…

Vapiano is fast food. Quality fast food. Yeah, you heard me. It’s quick, it’s reasonably priced and actually, it tastes great. 

So maybe I wouldn’t rush to bring my Italian friends here and maybe it’s not going to be the finest dining experience you’ve ever had but if you want well cooked, fresh, tasty Italian food that will leave you pleasantly surprised and pleasantly full, I urge you to give it a try.

Inside the Great Portland St branch, you’re welcomed with a plastic card which is what you’ll have your food details scanned onto. You’ll visit either the fresh pasta, pizza or salad counters located around the edges of the restaurant, place your order, watch it be cooked in front of you then take a seat at one of the large tables spaced around the light and airy, two storey building and dig in. Trees growing up from the tables, pots of leafy herbs and glass bottle of oils and vinegars all add to a bustling but relaxed atmosphere.

Portions are hearty and I would heartily recommend the Salami e Ricotta con Rucola sauce – a generous serving of wafer thin salami, creamy ricotta cheese, vibrant rocket, white wine and lightly toasted pine nuts on fresh, homemade spelt spaghetti.

Vapiano is totally the kind of place that I would never imagine could exist but for under a tenner, to get fast food that won’t sit like a processed stone in your tummy, I’m very glad it does.

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